Monday, January 19, 2015

Say hello to Ms. Porcupine :)

I go to my alternative doctor (an MD, in case you're curious) for a consultation, and mention that one health problem I'm having is what seems to be arthritis in my right hip.  He sends me down the hall to his physician assistant, who is, apparently, the office specialist in pain management.  Not only does the PA tell me that part of my problem is that I've adjusted my walk to accommodate the plantar fasciitis on my left foot (so much for the theory that there's no connection between my symptoms and my plantar fasciitis), he also tells me that I have a lower-grade case on my right foot, and that he should be able to relieve the pain in my right hip with prolozone therapy.  So they shoot me up with lidocaine local anesthetic and start the treatment, politely neglecting to inform me that prolozone therapy requires multiple injections, not just one.  Fortunately, I felt very little pain.  But I gotta tell, I felt like a human pincushion.  :)

Will the therapy work?  Stay tuned.


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